The Most Beautiful Aquariums of the World




By Alf Jacob Nilsen and Svein A. Fosså


Languages:     Trilingual English / French / Dutch
               90-76886-09-1 E / F / D
           240 x 265 mm
176 pages
               Alf Jacob Nilsen and Svein A. Fosså
Various photographers
         About 240 images full colour
Semi-mat art paper 150 gr
Linen hard bound
     Glossy finish (full colour)

Publisher:       Tectum Publishers and
                       Loft Publications, Antwerp, Belgium.

"an amazon dreamscape" Photo:Mike Duhon
Tank built and maintained by Aquarium Design Group, Texas, USA
Recent aquarium books are more beautiful and better equipped than ever. The factual contents have a quality unforeseen. Fishes, invertebrates and plants are identified with scientific accuracy. Well-educated and serious professionals describe the technical equipments, foods and maintenance routines with dedication and seriousness. The faith of the aquarium animals has never been in better hands. The likeliness to achieve success, as an aquarium keeper, is greater today than ever before.  
"builders of coral reefs" Photo: Werner Huthmacher
Tank constructed and owned by Pieter Van Suijlekom, the Nederland
Still, to a large extent, modern aquarium books have lost track of one of the major considerations people have when contemplating setting up an aquarium in the first place. Surely, quite a few new aquarists have chosen their hobby foremost in order to study the aquatic world really up-close, but in a modern home, more and more people are concerned about what the aquarium can do to the interior of their own home.  
"in the deep of the blue" Photo: Werner Huthmacher

In Tectum's newest book project "The Most Beautiful Aquariums of the World" the sole focus is, for the first time in any modern aquarium book, on what an aquarium can do to your home. How a well-designed aquarium can become a focal point in even the most fashionable of living rooms. The Tectum team selected and photographed the top-of-the-top aquariums from amongst several of the most discriminating aquarium owners in the world.

“The Most Beautiful Aquariums of the World” is not your average aquarium book. It is a book about the use of aquariums as decorative elements and focal points in room furnishing. This book focuses at architecture, decoration, furniture, as well as aquariums and living aquatic organisms. Through sequences of beautiful photography and short pieces of texts, it tells the story of how a small segment of nature, in the form of life in a glass encased box, can be a part of a beautiful room interior.

"the amazon"
Photo and aquarium construction by: Reef Aquaria Design Inc., Director Jeff Turner, Coconut Creek, Florida, USA, a major contributor to the content of the book..