Reef Secrets



A fresh, easy-to-follow approach to setting up an strcking a reef aquarium,
filled with simple but authoritative advises


Reef Secrets includes:
  • A profusely illustrated guide to selecting fishes, corals, and other invertebrates.
  • Lessons from the wild to create simpler, more stable reef aquariums.
  • Secrets of good water quality, water motion, lighting, aquascaping, live rock, and substrates.
  • Understanding algae, feeding, reef ecology. 
  • Suggestions for unique biotope reef systems.

Authors: Alf Jacob Nilsen & Svein A. Fosså
Publisher: Microcosm / TFH Publications
ISBN: 189008767X
Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 8.6 x 0.8 inches
Hardcover: 240 pages

  1. Light, Darkness and Shadows 
  2. Water Quelities & MOvements
  3. Aquascaping
  4. Biotopes
  5. Aquarium Stocking
  6. Stocking Guide
  7. Reef Algae
  8. Foods & Feeding
  9. Friends of the Reef
Stocking Guide

"A Consice Encyclopedia of Fishes and Invertebrates Commonly Available to the Marine Aquarist"

The stocking guide covers all major phyla and 440 of the most common organisms kept in captivity. 

The guide gives short, but precise information on: Systematic, Scientific- and popular names, Distribution, Lighting, Circulation, Water Quality, Aquascaping, Feeding, Compatibility, Hazards and Conservation.


Best marine aquarium book ever, February 2, 2004

"This book is great, it is not only a book packed with usful infomation for anyone beginer or advanced, it has a lot of info on what equiptement you need and tells you why you need it. It also is just a great book on hand. I would reccomend it to everyone".   

UK Only' Aquarist Classifieds Readers Review: 

An ideal introduction to reefkeeping. This book is an ideal introduction to reefkeeping, covering the basic techniques and accepted best practice with a chapter each on lighting requirements, maintaining water quality, aquascaping, algae, feeding, and conservation. There is a stocking guide covering around 400 of the more commonly available species of fish, corals and invertebrates. Each brief species description is accompanied by an excellent photo and clearly set out advice on their care requirements and the degree of challenge. For me though, what made this book stand out from many others covering similar territory were the two chapters on modelling and stocking aquariums to try to emulate real biotopes and ecological niches. They provide inspirational, yet practical, examples of the different sorts of themes you could consider - be it a Red Sea cave or a reef gorge - and how to implement them. This has been done before, most notably in John Tullock's 'Natural Reef Aquariums', but that just did not affect me the way this book has. Nor is Tullock's book as current - a real issue given the speed with which this hobby is evolving.

Nilsen and Fossa know what they are talking about. They are the authors of the four volume Modern Coral Reef Aquarium series of books - probably the most comprehensive and respected European reference books on reefkeeping and the identification and care of the species inhabiting them. So in summary: a well written, beautifully illustrated, comprehensive and inspirational guide to reefkeeping by two authoritative and internationally respected authors.