MCRA Volume 1

The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Vol. 1

The foundation for successfully setting up and maintaining a coral reef aquarium


This volume provides a fascinating look at the natural history of coral reefs, which forms the foundation for understanding reef ecology and its practical application in closed system aquaria. Aquarium keepers will appreciate the wealth of information and beautiful illustrations. Special emphasis on reef construction, zoogeography, marine algae, and microbiology affords an invaluable tool for designing an ecologically responsible system and spares you heartbreaking, costly mistakes.

Hardcover with detailed illustrations, 14 tables, 98 diagrams and maps, 643 colour photos. 368 pages, ISBN 3-928819-29-1. Birgit Schmettkamp Verlag, Bornheim, Germany.

Contains 14 chapters with the following contents:

1)  Natural Coral Reefs
2)  Zoogeography
3)  A Coral Reef in the Aquarium
4)  Setting up and Decorating the Modern Coral Reef Aquarium
5)  Modern Coral Reef Aquaria
6)  The Break in Period
7)  Live Rock in the Modern Coral Reef Aquarium
8)  Light in the Modern Coral Reef Aquarium
9)  Temperature Control in the Modern Coral Reef Aquarium
10) Water for the Modern Coral Reef Aquarium
11) Biochemical Processes in the Modern Coral Reef Aquarium
12) Filtration, Water Maintenance and Hydrotechnology 
13) Algae
14) Marine Aquaristics and Nature Conservation

The coral reef aquarium is not necessarily difficult, neither to establish nor to run, but unfortunately this specialized branch of aquarium keeping offers plenty of opportunities for making fatal mistakes along the road. 

The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium, Volume 1’ covers what you should know for being a successful reef aquarist; from the biology and geology of natural reefs to the latest filtration techniques, lighting, water chemistry, biochemistry, decoration possibilities, and more.