Join us to COSTA RICA:  Wild & Colourful Photo Expedition

'All Creatures Great & Small'

Tour leader: Des Ong, UK

14 - 27 April, 2019

4 spaces available only!

The focus of our trip is to photograph not only the many diverse species of bird
life in this country, but also other interesting mammals, invertebrates and plants
that are often overlooked on more conventional Costa Rican tours. Working with
an experienced naturalist and biologist, and accompanied by myself, a full-time
wildlife photographer, we will be covering a range of habitats and topography.

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Contact us at ajnilsen@online.no or +47 91384214


La det være sagt med en gang:...

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There are Nikon users and there are Canon users.
Trying to convince them to switch brands is like trying to convince a nuclear reaction to stop...

Nedenfor kan du se en oversikt over fotoutstyret jeg bruker...

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Nikon D700 2150800 Ken Rockwell Review
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Nikon TC-14 EIII telekonverter 231008  
Nikon TC-17E telekonverter 307504  
Nikon TC-20E III telekonverter 235980  
Olympus BX-41 fotomikroskop  P8B17870  
Canon Legria HFs-20 HD videokamera 4030564  
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Nikon DR-5 vinkelsøker  --  
Nikon AW1 UW systemkamera m/11-27,5 mm f3,5-5,6 objektiv 52004871 (kamerahus)
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Nikon SB800 TTL 2120272  
Nikon SB900 TTL 2320142  
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Annet utstyr:  
2 batterigrep Nikon MD-10 2236861, 2199808  
Batterigrep Nikon MB-D12 2105082  
Batterigrep Nikon MB-D17 3014262  
"Better Beamer" blitskondensor  
MC36 og MC-30 snorutløsere  
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Wimberley "side-kick"  888-665-2746  
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